Gayle King Gets Huge Promotion And Assures There Is No Beef With Norah O'Donnell

Gayle King Gets Huge Promotion And Assures There Is No Beef With Norah O'Donnell
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It looks like Gayle King has some pretty strong negotiation skills, as recent reports indicate that the TV personality has managed to reach an agreement with CBS to more than double her current salary.

Her new contract will reportedly be for $11 million per year, up from the $5 million that she is getting at the moment.

This comes not long after CBS did a considerable rework of CBS This Morning, which King currently hosts and will continue to host in the foreseeable future.

Moreover, it seems like Oprah Winfrey might have played a significant role in pushing her fellow host towards the idea of negotiating for a big raise.

According to Oprah herself, she was the one who advised King that she should go for what she feels like she deserves, instead of sitting in her current situation.

Recent changes around the show also included the removal of Norah O'Donnell as a co-host, something which was requested by Gayle King herself.

It is not clear precisely what is going on behind the scenes of the production, but according to reports, King is not too happy with the idea of working alongside O'Donnell in the future and has requested that she bise moved to another production.

Moreover, it appears that King is an essential figure for the show's producers indeed because they have complied with the request pretty much straight away without any questioning.

Some have speculated that there might be more to these developments than what fans are seeing, but it is impossible to tell.

Here is what King said about O'Donnell this morning. She explained: "I have no beef with you, you have no beef with me. [Journalist] Tina Brown summed it up very nicely. She said this never happens to men, this kind of cut-throat business."

O'Donnell replied: "I know you have Oprah, but I want to thank you for being my work BFF."

The head of CBS News Susan Zirinsky responded to the rumors by saying: "[Norah's] outstanding reporting, incisive interviews, and dedication to the truth will distinguish the CBS Evening News every night. Gayle's game-changing interviews, compassionate storytelling, and authenticity make her one of a kind. Her unrivaled ability to connect with audiences makes CBS This Morning relevant, relatable and the place you must start your day."

Do you think there is more to the drama?

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    PF Sep 5, 2020 9:53 AM PDT

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