Gavin Rossdale Gets Candid About Moving Forward After Gwen Stefani Divorce And More!

Gavin Rossdale Gets Candid About Moving Forward After Gwen Stefani Divorce And More!
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During a brand new interview, Gwen Stefani’s ex, Gavin Rossdale got candid about dealing with their divorce and also revealed what his priorities are nowadays. Here’s what he had to say!

It sounds like Gwen was not the only one affected by the split out of the two.

Nowadays, however, it seems like they are both really happy!

Gavin shared with HollywoodLife, while at the 24th annual LA Art Show opening, that these days he only focuses on his kids and his career and he wouldn't have it any other way!

‘The main thing is being proud. A lot of my past, the good side of it, is a great legacy of music and so all that I just focus on is doing good work. Van Gogh died penniless, no one bought his paintings, he had one and a half ears, so I take inspiration from that, that you cannot lean on people’s appreciation or lack of it. You have to make whatever job you do the best you can do it,’ the man explained to the news outlet.

He went on to discuss the drama that might involve him in the entertainment business and how he keeps calm.

‘Being the eye of the storm is I think compartmentalization, I suppose, and prioritization of things that are important.  In my life, my children are important first of all, my music's important second, and if I find love, that is right up there with those two,’ Rossdale told the site.

Meanwhile, one source previously told the outlet that even though they are no longer together, Gwen really wants her ex to be a big part of their sons’ lives.

That is great to hear, and it is also just how things should be in the first place! Well done, guys!

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