Gavin Newsom Issues An Order For All 40 Million Californians To Stay At Home Due To The Coronavirus Or Face A Fine

Gavin Newsom Issues An Order For All 40 Million Californians To Stay At Home Due To The Coronavirus Or Face A Fine
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In a press conference, California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an order requesting that all 40 million Californians stay at home due to coronavirus spread.

The order implies that all residing in the Golden State must remain in their homes or face a hefty $1,000 fine. However, California residents can step out for work, to shop for groceries, and medical needs.

The governor explained the restriction was put in place to help stop the spread of the disease. The Democrat stated: “This is not a permanent state, and this is a moment in time. We will look back at these decisions as pivotal.”

He went on to explain: “Our goal is simple, and we want to bend the curve and disrupt the spread of the virus.”

Newsom said experts have projected that 56 percent of California’s population could be infected with the virus.

He revealed: "We are confident the people of California will abide by it, they will meet this moment. They'll step up as they have over the last number of weeks to protect themselves, to protect their families, and to protect the broader community in this great state and the world we reside in."

He went on to say: "That creates a deep point of anxiety for the existing population but moreover for our healthcare delivery system, our capacity to move people in and out of the shelters safely without contacting other people and putting them at risk as well."

Just before the press conference, Newsom released a copy of a letter that he sent to President Donald Trump that reads: '"I respectfully request you immediately deploy the USNS Mercy Hospital Ship to be stationed at the Port of Los Angeles through September 1, 2020, to help decompress our current health care delivery system in the Los Angeles region in response to the COVID-19 outbreak."

One person said: "I’m just trying to figure out how ppl going to pay their bills, especially these paycheck to paycheck ppl. That’s so sad, omg."

Another commenter stated: "They are allowed to file for unemployment while out of work. I’m ready for all this to be over. You gon survive like you been doing! Work pay your bills and trust in God..... the Lord will provide! And now you’ll just have to spend your money wisely and utilize resources."

This citizen shared: "I really wish people would start taking this virus seriously. All of you, they going to bring the military into the states now !! The whole country should do this. Texas needs to go ahead and do the same thing so I can #quarentineandchill 🤷🏾‍♂️😩Like it or not, this is the best way to contain the virus. This, too, shall pass."

This voter wrote: "People have to start taking this virus more seriously because if everyone just stayed home, then this virus wouldn’t have spread so much. And since people love to travel and don’t care if they’re sick this happened 🤦‍♂️They’re def going to keep announcing more states.. day by day. Just like school closures."

The situation could last weeks and other states might follow suit.

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