Gaten Matarazzo From Stranger Things Adopts A New Puppy And Asks His Fans To Help Name The Pet

Gaten Matarazzo From Stranger Things Adopts A New Puppy And Asks His Fans To Help Name The Pet
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Whether you are a Hollywood star or not, getting a new family pet is truly an exciting time. That's why Gaten Matarazzo from Stranger Things took to Instagram, to ask his fans for help in naming their newly adopted Golden Retriever puppy. Matarazzo took a great pic with his sisters, Carmen and Sabrina and the adorable pup.

Everyone in the canine-themed selfie was grinning from ear-to-ear, as Matarazzo announced that they had adopted the new member of their family. While he did ask for advice in naming the dog, his only rules for giving a name was that it not be directly related to the Stranger Things TV show. Matarazzo also mentioned that the sweet new puppy was a girl.

Matarazzo's post (of course!) instantly became viral, because when you add a cute puppy anything is going to do so! The Instagram post received more than 150,000 "likes" and got many, many dog name suggestions. Some of the great ideas included Peanut, Drake and Goldy. Whether Matarazzo is looking for a classic name like Goldy or something more unique like Stormageddon, he certainly will find quite a bit of inspiration from his fans. We still do not know what puppy name he chose, so stay tuned for updates!

Matarazzo recently walked the red carpet, celebrating the great Netflix show Stranger Things at the 69th Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards. The Stranger Things cast was there to enjoy the evening and because they had been nominated for an astonishing 18 Emmy awards for 2017. To make fans smile, they won 5 Emmy wins in creative entries.

So it’s hard to tell: what would be more exciting, a new puppy or a possible Emmy? For a 15 year old actor, both are something that would certainly make one grin from ear to ear. It’s easy to see that Matarazzo and his Stranger Things cast had a terrific time celebrating with everyone at the Emmys and enjoying the elegant evening.

Don't miss Stranger Things when it returns for the Fall 2017 season to Netflix on October 27th.


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