Gary Houston Disowned By Cissy Houston For Allegations Of Child Molestation

Gary Houston Disowned By Cissy Houston For Allegations Of Child Molestation
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Ever since Whitney Houston passed away in 2012, her family has been fraught by controversy and rumor, with some of it based on truths, and some of it based on falsehoods. The latest report involving the Houston family has only added to their problems.

Recently, Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston, was accused of disowning Whitney's brother, Gary Houston, after the release of a new documentary, focused on Whitney's life.

In a report from Radar Online, the publication claims that the documentary explains how Whitney and Gary were victims of sexual assault at the hands of their cousin, Dee Dee Warwick.

Because of the claims made by Gary in the new movie, an insider close to the family revealed that Cissy called him up one morning and said, "I'm cutting you out of the will," and then hung up the phone.

Gary has never mentioned these allegations before, so, for them to come out like this, at this time, is shocking to everyone in the family.

The documentary, released on the 6th of July, dishes on Whitney's life and the Houston family as they dealt with her death six years ago, as well as the drug addiction that wreaked havoc on her life.

In response to Gary's allegations, Dee Dee's sister and Cissy Houston released a statement saying they had a tough time believing the allegations made by Gary.

Both women said in the joint statement that they had never heard of accusations like this before. Moreover, they haven't heard of her father stealing from her either.

Additionally, the women stated that Whitney probably wouldn't have wanted for allegations such of these to come out in a film for the entire world to see. However, Whitney passed away six years ago, so, fortunately, she doesn't have to deal with the new allegations.


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  • Rose
    Rose Jul 18, 2018 1:46 PM PDT

    the only thing on this situation i will agree on is, i do not believe whitney, never would have wanted any of this to ever come out in public for the world to know. i believe it is a complete slap in her face, and i am glad i am no fan on the garland family... it seems ever since whitney and krissi died, it is always pat houston who is sticking her face into the limelight because i really believe she is, was and always will be jealous of whitney.... if the world including her family really do love her, let her { whitney } be, and rest in peace. she gave all she could to the world with her beautiful angelic voice, and when she left this earth 6 yrs ago, her life should have been left to rest as she should be doing. but if cissy houston, is mad beause her son has come out with these allegations, gary, should have done it in private. but if cissy houston , disowned her son for telling this story true or false, she"s not much of a mother to disown and cut her son out of her stupid will. she is childish, and maybe she really needs to put all this in gods hands to help her cope with the lastest tabloid drama in that family. i am glad that whitney and krissi are not here to see what such a screw up her family is still, even until today.

  • Tishea
    Tishea Jul 17, 2018 1:30 PM PDT

    Good for you, Cissy! The entire movie was a slap in the face to Whitney's life and legacy. It is a straight betrayal of her and her daughter...Pat & Gary Garland NOT HOUSTON has been the catapult of tarnishing and constantly releasing horrific stories about Whitney Houston. Pat and Gary are jealous of Whitney, bitter and deceitful....NOT TO BE TRUSTED. I would question under what condition was Whitney under when she appointed Pat the executor of her estate. A total stranger, and not BLOOD very suspect. I have never liked this WOMAN PAT and Gary goes along with her manipulations.....she....THEY both need to be STOPPED!

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