Garcelle Beauvais Spills On Short Fling With Johnny Depp

Garcelle Beauvais Spills On Short Fling With Johnny Depp
Credit: Source: People

Garcelle Beauvais was a gorgeous model before she became a world-famous actor. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum has stories for days and she just revealed another gem not many people knew about.

She recalled when she had a short fling with none other than Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp . This was multiple decades ago before either of them became famous.

Garcelle said that she was on a night out in Miami at a club where Depp had been eyeing her all night. By the end of it -- he finally came up to her and asked her out!

She told co-hosts on The Real: 'So by the end of the night, he got the nerve to come up and say, 'Hey, I'm in a band, I'm doing a music video and I'd love for you to be in it. And I was like, you know, we exchanged phone numbers and he was living with his sister and her two kids. Listen, this was way before he was Johnny Depp.'

Turns out at the time -- he was a bad kisser.

'So we hung out one day and that was at his sister's house. And he planted one on me. And you know, he hadn't -- he hadn't -- perfected the kiss yet -- I guess is how I'm going to leave it.'

This comes after she revealed on RHOBH that she also dated her friend, Sheree Zampino's ex-husband Will Smith.

Most of Garcelle's loyal fans know her from The Jamie Foxx show where she ended up with Jamie Foxx. To this day, many people want the two ridiculously good-looking people to hook up.

Recently, the actor took to Garcelle's podcast to say that he never likes her boyfriends because he wishes that they would have dated!


While it was something that didn't happen and probably won't happen due to the fact that they are extremely close friends, Beauvais joked that they never got together because Jamie is 'hung like a horse. '


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