Garcelle Beauvais Joining RHOBH Shocked The Other Ladies - She Just Showed Up On Set

Garcelle Beauvais Joining RHOBH Shocked The Other Ladies - She Just Showed Up On Set
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Garcelle Beauvais is now part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast but apparently, everyone was shocked when she just showed up at Kyle Richards’ place and began to film for the show all of a sudden. One insider report claims the other RHOBH ladies only found out about her addition 5 minutes prior!

As fans may know, Lisa Rinna was able to bring her best friend Sutton Stracke on the show after campaigning for her addition but the second star added, actress Garcelle Beauvais was definitely a huge surprise that no one saw coming.

Reportedly, she just showed up on set yesterday and started filming with the other Housewives.

The source told HollywoodLife that ‘The RHOBH ladies were totally shocked to find out that Garcelle Beauvais joined the show. They were notified about five minutes before everybody else was and Garcelle's filming today her first scenes with all the ladies at Kyle Richards’ house. This will be the first time all the ladies are filming together. Kyle and the other ladies were shocked to see Garcelle moments later at her door earlier today.’

They added that ‘Production really wanted to add another celebrity name to the cast all along. With Lisa Vanderpump gone, her salary's essentially being split into 2 for Garcelle and Sutton. Garcelle's so excited the cat's out of the bag about her joining the cast as it was a big secret. Everything came together for her.’

Garcelle is making history since she is the very first African-American full-time star on RHOBH.

Not to mention that it’s her first time adventuring into reality TV as well!

But the source told the site that she is super excited to be on Real Housewives and to connect with fans in a brand new way.


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