Game Of Thrones Stars Emilia Clarke And Jason Momoa Plan A Major Reunion Ahead Of Season 8

Game Of Thrones Stars Emilia Clarke And Jason Momoa Plan A Major Reunion Ahead Of Season 8
Credit: Source: HBO

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke will reunite with her former on-screen husband, Jason Momoa, to present an award at this year’s 91st Academy Awards on February 24th. Clarke and Momoa are two names on the long list of presenters for the Oscar ceremony at Hollywood’s Dolby Theater that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences announced earlier this week.

Other stars on the list include Melissa McCarthy, Keegan-Michael Key, James McAvoy, Sarah Paulson, Kiki Layne, Samuel L. Jackson, Angela Bassett, Javier Bardem, and Laura Dern.

This week’s announcement was the second one made by the Academy. In the first list released earlier this month, they announced that Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jennifer Lopez, and Whoopi Goldberg would all be presenters this year.

Clarke and Momoa quickly became GOT fan favorites when they starred as husband and wife (Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo) during the first season of the popular HBO series.

The announcement of this reunion comes as Clarke prepares for the final GOT season. To tease the highly-anticipated 8th season, she recently posted a promotional picture on Instagram of her character  - Mother of Dragons - dressed in a stunning outfit that features a criss-cross design and her white-blonde hair styled in long, cascading waves.

According to The Express , Clarke’s 18.5 million followers “went into a meltdown” over the photo.

One fan wrote that April couldn’t come soon enough, while another predicted that one of the main characters would die during the final season. A third commented that Daenerys “looks so in love.”

In another promo pic, Daenerys is next to Jon Snow (Kit Harington) as they prepare to fight the White Walkers.

Harington recently revealed that the cast and crew have partied hard while saying goodbye to the beloved series. As they wrapped on each location, Harington says they threw parties to celebrate.

“One of the greatest things about Thrones was we all got on like a house on fire,” said Harington. “We loved each other very deeply, and we had a great time together, so we’re going to celebrate that.”

Emilia Clarke admitted that she “cried like a baby” after shooting her final scenes and felt “completely lost.” She says that she grew up with her character because she was 22 when she first walked onto a GOT set, and then played the role for ten years.

“It’s like losing an actual limb,” said Clarke.


The 8th and final season of Game of Thrones premieres Sunday, April 14th on HBO.


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