Game Of Thrones Fans May Be 'Unhappy' But Will Be 'Satisfied' With The Ending Claims Kit Harington

Game Of Thrones Fans May Be 'Unhappy' But Will Be 'Satisfied' With The Ending Claims Kit Harington
Credit: Source: Cosmopolitan

We are only a few months away from the Season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones , and speculation about what will happen to our favorite characters is at an all-time high. While fans debate the fate of the Iron Throne, GOT star Kit Harington teased that the ending will make a lot of fans unhappy.

Harington made the comments during an interview on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show . After being asked about how the show will end, Harington admitted that fans will feel a sense of loss when the series concludes this spring.

"It’s like when you finish a book," Harington explained. "You’re not happy it’s over. You have this grief that it’s over, and that’s exactly the same with this nine years of doing this show…"

Luckily, the actor, who plays John Snow on the show, assured fans that they will feel satisfied after the series finale is over. According to Inverse , he also called the final season "extraordinary" and believes it will change the world of television once again.

Harington's comments, meanwhile, are a sober reminder that many of our favorite characters probably won't make it through the final season alive. A few deaths could easily make fans feel sad about the way things end, even if that ending is overall satisfying.

Unfortunately, HBO has kept details about the final season a big secret over the past few months. Producers have released a few teasers in recent weeks, but the new footage revealed little about what's to come.

Hopefully that will change once the series releases the first official trailer for Season 8. But given how we are still a few months out from the season premiere, that likely will not happen until sometime after February.

The final season will feature six episodes, each of them considerably longer than previous seasons. In fact, sources claim that the first two installments are an hour long while the last four run over 80 minutes — though nothing official has been confirmed.

Season 8 of Game of Thrones is set to premiere April 14 on HBO.


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