Game Of Thrones Drops First Official Season 8 Teaser, What Does It Mean For The Stark Kids?

Game Of Thrones Drops First Official Season 8 Teaser, What Does It Mean For The Stark Kids?
Credit: Source: HBO

Game of Thrones just released a new Season 8 teaser as HBO gears up for the show’s final season. The clip features all three of the remaining Stark children – Jon Snow, Sansa and Arya – inside the family crypt under Winterfell. What does the trailer mean for the Stark kids?

The video shows all three Stark children walking the underground crypt, passing by statues of their deceased family members. The trio walks by sculptures of Lyanna, Catelyn, Robb, Rickon and Ned Stark until they reach what appear to be their own funeral statues.

The characters then turn around as frost fills the room. Jon (Kit Harington) and Arya (Maisie Williams) immediately draw their weapons to face the impending threat. Although it was great to see the Starks reunited, fans immediately speculated that the clip was teasing all three of their deaths.

Both Arya and Sansa’s (Sophie Turner) statues depicted them as their current selves, while Jon’s effigy appeared older. This could mean that last remaining Stark daughters will meet their ends while Jon somehow survives to live another day.

According to This Is Insider , the trailer also features a feather that is frosted over as the crypt turns to ice. As fans might recall, the feather is the same one that Robert Baratheon placed on Lyanna’s statue in the first season.

Sansa also left the feather in Lyanna’s hand back in Season 5. Given the feather’s link to Lyanna, it could mean that Jon will learn about his true lineage in Season 8. There is no telling how Jon will react once he figures out that he is actually a Targaryen, but it will be interesting to see Daenerys Targaryen’s deals with the situation.

Aside from the Stark children, the trailer did not feature any other characters from the final season.

Season 8 of Game of Thrones premieres April 14 on HBO.


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