Gal Gadot Praises Co-Star And Now BFF Kristen Wiig For Her Performance In 'Wonder Woman 1984' And For Her Personality On Set!

Gal Gadot Praises Co-Star And Now BFF Kristen Wiig For Her Performance In 'Wonder Woman 1984' And For Her Personality On Set!
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The actress who portrays the titular character in Wonder Woman 1984 had nothing but positive and lovely things to say about one of her co-stars - Kristen Wiig ! As you might know by now, the Saturday Night Live comedian has indeed joined none other than Gal Gadot as part of the movie's cast!

Furthermore, despite the fact that on screen they play enemies, in real life Gal and Kristen are nothing short of BFFs!

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That being said, the stars had nothing against opening up about their very special friendship during a new interview with E! News!

According to Gadot, she and Wiig were really 'silly' on set, which makes a lot of sense given the fact that they're both such funny, entertaining people!

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And, of course, while they were joking around on set for months, shooting this movie, a pretty strong bond was formed between them!

Gal shared that 'I think everything was just so demanding and overwhelming that having breaks of laughter and, like, purely having fun made it so much more worth it.'

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She went on to joke that she and Kristen would be releasing an album together as well, since they kept singing so many songs during filming.

The actress then took a break from the playful answers and decided to gush over her co-star and friend, who she labelled as 'brilliant!'

'It was hilarious, it was fun. It really helped me keep on going,' the Wonder Woman star added.

As for Kristen, she admitted that she was actually really nervous to portray the DC villain named Cheetah, in spite of her high spirits on set and funny nature.

After all, she admitted that it was something really new for her that she'd never done before.


'As much as you don't want to think about other people's opinions, I want to do right by the fans. I wanted to do a good job,' Wiig mentioned.


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