Gabrielle Union's Video Featuring Her Baby Girl, Kaavia Will Make Your Day

Gabrielle Union's Video Featuring Her Baby Girl, Kaavia Will Make Your Day
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Gabrielle Union's video featuring her baby girl, Kaavia James, has fans in awe. This baby girl is getting cuter by the day!

'Anything to make her laugh. I thought we could use some baby laughter on the TL. 👶🏾💕🧡♥️' Gabrielle captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Watching this, I just realized how big I was smiling 🥰🥰' and another follower posted this message: 'That grass condition is punishing me. Oh my, I absolutely love!! Her laugh seriously makes me smile so big!!'

One commenter posted: 'It's nice to see her smile and laugh cuz usually she is like 🤨' and someone else said: 'Kaav said she doesn't care if Mama got on her good clothes..she can get splashed for giggles😂.'

She was born serious. I love watching her grow. This could be an expectation vs. reality edition of "playing with a toddler."

A follower said: 'You two together is a beautiful sight, she loves you so much & I can tell you would pick the world up for her !!!!💖' and someone else posted this message: 'Meanwhile I'm busy trying to estimate how many feet long that yard is. 😭'

A fan wrote: 'That is so adorable and you are such a great mom. Cherish every moment. Her laugh is priceless.'

Also, in other recent news, Gabrielle Union  shared a photo featuring herself at the beach in which she is wearing an interesting dress that amazed fans. With this photo, Gabrielle managed to impress her fans.

‘They said, “Keep it casual.” As if,’ she captioned the photo.

Lots of fans praised this girly look  as well, and they especially loved that special dress.

Also, not too long ago,  Gabrielle  looked amazing in this Miu Miu outfit.


Gabrielle is living her best life with her family, and fans simply adore seeing clips and pics of the baby girl, Kaavia.

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