Gabrielle Union's Daughter, Kaavia James Is The Funniest Baby In Her Mom's Arms

Gabrielle Union's Daughter, Kaavia James Is The Funniest Baby In Her Mom's Arms
Credit: BET

Gabrielle Union shared an Easter video featuring her baby girl, Kaavia James. If you've been seeing only happy kids for easter videos, well this is your lucky day, because Dwayne Wade's baby girl is definitely something else.

Just check out the video that her mother shared on her social media account.

'Happy Easter! Keepin it 💯 @kaaviajames is not happy we cut her off from electronics. She's downright irate at this toddler injustice. Irate I say. Trying to enjoy it all 🥴🥴🥴🥴 BTW... the 1st video cuts off right where Kaav is ready to fight me in the street to get her hands on a phone,' Gabrielle captioned her post which includes pics and funny videos of Kaavia.

A commenter said: '“He is risen...he did NOT come back for this...” 😂Awww.❤️'

Another follower exclaimed: 'This child is a whole MOOD I know when they show her her baby pics when she gets older she’ll be WEAK.'

Someone else posted this: 'This stage is SOOOO fun but you love em and they are cute soooo happy Easter!' and another fan said: 'Niece wants what she wants!! Give that baby that phone! Lol'

One fan wrote: 'Oooooweeeee chile! She is not feeling you today! 😂❤️' and a commenter posted: '@gabunion what a contrast between your post and her angelic post on @dwyanewade page.'

One other follower posted this: 'Y’all’s transparency with all of life is beautiful. That baby had a whole natural fit. Mama is going to be somebody bold, loud and strong.'

A backer said: 'Where Shirley at?! How she gon' let them do @kaaviajames like this?! She better be 'bout do a drive-by!'

Not too long ago, it's been also revealed that the talented actress recently took to social media, and she posted a few adorable pictures where she is rocking a new hairstyle.


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