Gabrielle Union Teams Up With Baby Kaavia To 'Drag' Dwayne Wade Over Old Picture

Gabrielle Union Teams Up With Baby Kaavia To 'Drag' Dwayne Wade Over Old Picture
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Poor Dwyane Wade, he is being dragged and thrown under a bus by his own daughter, baby Kaavia, and she is getting some help from her mother, Gabrielle Union.

The actress shared a hilarious picture of the basketball star back in the 1990s wearing a white outfit and crocodile shoes. Dwyane showed off his swagger by posing with one hand in his pocket.

Kaavia's funny shade went like this: "I said Daddy lets slay in Winter White...Cut to 😐👶🏾🤷🏾‍♀️ I'm curious if @gqstyle has seen @dwyanewade early fash-SHONS. The man had the nerve to hit em with the hand in the pocket. I cannot. #ShadyBaby."

Fans cannot stop laughing at Kaavia's shade.

One person shared: "I gat mad uncles Hittin tht same look. This was hot in the 90s. 🤣🤣🤣 We’ve all been there lol. Thank you for this. People are becoming too grumpy and look for faults in every word spoken or written instead of seeing the humor in it. This is Dwayne picking on his former self yet people are mad...Sheeez!!! He meant no harm or disrespect."

Another supporter wrote: "@kaaviajames OMG #ShadyBaby strikes again and this time she is going straight for the juggler on her daddy!! Nobody is safe from #ShadyBaby's shadiness, including Mr. GQ, her daddy Flash-h-h-h-h!!!!!! @dwyanewade She already went after her mommy @gabunion in the previous post, talking about her wig and her not being able to sing. (LOL)!❤️ I don't know who's next in line to fall under her shadiness, but this beautiful, well dressed little Angel #ShadyBaby Kaavia James Union Wade don't play nice with nobody!! #AnybodyIsFairGameForShadyBaby #KaaviaOutfitPoseFaceOnFleekTime."

This fan had this to say: "The striped shirt, Easter suit, and gators!! Yo daddy came a long way. This comment is so real. This is like an Easter Sunday Suit at black church🤣🤣🤣 #shadyauntie. 💁🏽"

A fourth last fan laughed and explained the following: "I said the same thing they just have the right kind of spicy not to much, but just enough I love it 😂😂@dwyanewade “poor” Mr. better then that 😉 anyways, much love to you and your family ❤️Her hands are always like that. Her signature pose lol❤️."

Dwayne is caught between two strong characters.

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