Gabrielle Union Shares The Sweetest Photo And Video Of Baby Kaavia James

Gabrielle Union Shares The Sweetest Photo And Video Of Baby Kaavia James
Credit: BET

Gabrielle Union seems to be at home as well with her family these days. She shared a photo and a new clip featuring her and Dwayne Wade's baby girl, Kaavia James, and fans cannot get enough of the cutie pie.

Check out the posts that Gabrielle shared on her social media account of choice, Instagram:

Here's the clip that Gabrielle posted:

Someone said: 'I look for her videos every day to brighten my day,' and another follower posted this: 'She leaning for like she asked one of yall "What was said!?!... oh I thought so."'

One commenter wrote: 'Gabby, she is not the one! She plays no games! Just be honest with us... she was born in the D! I have been a fan of yours from day one!'

Here's the photo that Gabrielle shared: 'Just sitting here thinking about some questionable decisions I made from the mid-late 1990s' she captioned the photo.

One commenter said: '😭 this baby is single-handedly going to get me through this self-isolation.'

Another follower posted this: 'Her whole face and posture is my mood lolol .... ❤️❤️ Same sis... same lol,' and one other fan said: 'Look at that cute belly. She’s thinking “why did I eat all those cookies and still want more”?'

Gabrielle and Dwayne were in the spotlight not too long ago when they pulled up to the Truth Awards together with their daughter, Zaya. This was Zaya’s first red carpet appearance, and the family addressed a few words about living in your truth.

Both Dwayne and Gabrielle have been really supportive of Zaya , but they also received lots of shade for this reason.

But Gabrielle and Dwayne don't mind the haters, and all that they care about is the happiness and health of their kids these days. People are sending their best wishes to the family.


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