Gabrielle Union Shares Tear-Jerking Video Where Baby Kaavia Meets Her Brothers And Cousins For The First Time

Gabrielle Union Shares Tear-Jerking Video Where Baby Kaavia Meets Her Brothers And Cousins For The First Time
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A tear-jerking video from Gabrielle Union has hit social media, and it features her baby girl, Kaavia James Union Wade, who is about a week old meeting her brothers and cousins for the first time.

In the clip, big brothers -- Zaire and Zion -- can be seen falling in love with baby Kaavia and her father, Dwyane Wade, gently caresses her hair.

Several cousins could be seen on the background, and it is not clear if Kaavia's third brother, Xavier, was present.

The actress explained: "Just greazzzy and happy. That is all. @kaaviajames pronounced Kah-Vee-Uh James. She has 102 nicknames including but not limited to Kaav, Kaavi, Kaavi Baby, Kaavi J, Jamie, KJ, Nugget, Nug, Pooters. We wanted to include my family in her name, so the "James" is from my uncle James Francis Glass who is also my godfather. Union is her middle name. I've waited this long so fo sho I was going to get in there. ??‍♀️??☺"

A fan replied: "Glow on, Mama Gabby!! So it’s Kaavia James Union Wade .. Nice Ring to it. Moral of the story = babies are the icing on the cake of life. No amount of friends or money can fill the void. If you’re in your 30s, stop putting that baby off. You will regret it. Incredibly pleased for Gab. Kids make everything better! she looks so happy I love it ?♥️"

Another supporter stated: "After not one not two not three but nine miscarriages! People let her be !!!!!!! Let her cheese as much as she wants. Those were actual souls that she lost, and now she finally has a healthy, breathing baby. Be a happy lady, enjoy this blessing!"

One person believes mama Gabrielle is not going to make another movie because she will not leave her princess at home.

The woman wrote: "We aren't gon even see her in another movie. That smile means she isn't leaving her princess. I'm so happy for her .when I have my kids I will be just like this times 1.5 million and DARE someone to tell me to chill! All of you gone get this baby’s first EVERYTHING!"

This third supporter claimed: "I'm so happy for her !!! This pic made me a lil emotional ? ? motherhood is the best heaven mixed with hell thing I’ve ever experienced smh it’s crazy how much we love our children ? how happy they make us? how we do everything in our power to protect and nurture them ?❤️ I’m going to go love up on my daughter now. ?"

This family is so in love with this cutie pie.

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  • Lavenia Fenley
    Lavenia Fenley Nov 21, 2018 9:57 AM PST

    You are a great mom. You have anothet female around to help keep those men in line. GIRL POWER?

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