Gabrielle Union Shares First Photo Of Her Baby And Motherhood Is Crushing Dwyane Wade's Wife

Gabrielle Union Shares First Photo Of Her Baby And Motherhood Is Crushing Dwyane Wade's Wife
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So far, Gabrielle Union 0 and Motherhood 2000. Gabrielle and her husband, Dwyane Wade, announced last week they welcomed a baby girl via surrogacy.

The talented actress shared the first photo of her baby's face and revealed that she has not been able to sleep, shower or brush her teeth in the past few days.

Fans have a lot to say about the lack of showers.

One of them said: "I love them wades BUT they doing the most. This feeling she describes usually comes with the woman, period, the pain from possibly c-section or being stitched, or still coming down from all the anesthesia plus having to nurse the baby. Not having a baby come home to you. The most you’re losing is sleep. ? (ya’ll don’t come for me. Lol this is just facts ok) lol but congrats to them chile."

Another commenter claimed: "I can see she's got Gabrielle's cheeks. I'm still so happy for them! But we need sis to shower so the baby can be comfy and get used to her smell. It's alot for a baby going from the mother who carried her, feeding her, breathing for her, and living for her, to the Fan who is her mum as well. I wish them all happiness and a lifetime of."

A mother revealed the following: "Some of y’all talking like y’all have kids ? I have two and both two different experiences. I had no pain after with both, and my last one was harder I couldn’t get anything done. She cried constantly; I believe she’s tired, She’s taking care of a baby for 24/7 it has nothing to do with her not giving birth to the baby the babies are hard work regardless. Of course, she's exhausted, regardless of having a surrogate. She has to take care of her baby it's alot of work it's called motherhood."

This fourth supporter explained: "In the black community, this is kinda rare. For one it costs and for two it costs. So instead of being happy she was able to give life rather she carried it or not is a blessing and the person who carried the baby for them was a blessing. Let her have her moment. Y’all ruin everything."

Gabrielle surprised many with this baby news.

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