Gabrielle Union Shares Cute Video Of Baby Kaviaa And Awesome Tip She Got From LeBron James' Wife

Gabrielle Union Shares Cute Video Of Baby Kaviaa And Awesome Tip She Got From LeBron James' Wife
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Baby Kaavia is getting her workout on with the help of mama Gabrielle Union who is also helping out to get rid of those pesky gas who are troubling her. And baby Kaavia has LeBron James' wife, Savannah James, to thank for it.

The talented actress took to social media and she posted a video where she is helping her infant daughter do silly bicycle wheels as she sings for her and makes her laugh.

In the caption, Gabrielle explained that Savannah is the one who told her about the fun method.

Gabrielle wrote: "@unclelukereal1 remix... When your baby comes to work and has gas, and you remember a "gas be gone" trick @mrs_savannahrj recommended. #MiamiBaby @kaaviajames 📽️ & giggles by @jessicaalba."

When not getting rid of gas, Kaavia is shading her father, brother, and celery.

One funny shade read: "Whose yelling?! I'M NOT YELLING! I'M CALM! I'm just saying; clearly, celery got the same publicist as kale. Celery stans everywhere these days #shadybaby 📸 by uncle @adair_curtis @jasonbolden."

Fans will never get enough of sweet Kaavia.

One person stated: "Love you Gabrielle and I respect your journey. Real women all have one, and you were brave enough to share yours. Every one unable to understand and get what needs to reevaluate themselves. I absolutely love you...And yes girl keeps posting beautiful pictures of yourself and your beautiful daughter...and your husband...Black Women Rock. You are amazing! This is a great technique to help tummy issues. Do you do baby massage? Omg! I did that all of the time. The sheer joy I felt just getting my baby to pass gas. You’d think I’d won a prize. 😂🤣🤣 It definitely worked!"

Another commenter explained: "Awww too cute. Aww, such sweat moment's are more precious than money. Baby is like is looking at you like is not leg day mom. Arms mom. Gripe water" also works wonders for gas, added to my son's milk; he was a burp in seconds. It's organic too."

A third follower revealed: "My daughter's father always did this to her when she had gas as a newborn. I can only imagine the joy you are feeling I get happy looking at you playing with your baby blessings to your💯🔝 family. Try massaging her stomach it helps as well."

A fourth supporter claimed: "Enjoy carrying her on your thighs for now because these babies grow so damn fast. Put her on her belly while gently rubbing on her back. She doesn't look comfortable with what you are doing to her...I could be wrong though. Gorgeous baby and mom."

Baby Kaviaa is a real Internet sensation.

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