Gabrielle Union Says Her Man Dwayne Wade Snores Like A 'Rhino'

Gabrielle Union Says Her Man Dwayne Wade Snores Like A 'Rhino'
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According to a report from Us Magazine, Gabrielle Union claims her boyfriend, Dwayne Wade, snores like a "rhino." The 37-year-old ex-NBA player said to Access on Tuesday, on the 23rd of July, that sometimes he has to give Gabrielle a little nudge to get her to stop snoring at night.

Dwayne said some of the snores are very cute, and others are not. When asked what Dwayne's snore was like, Gabrielle joked that Dwayne sounded like a "dying rhino." Fans of the couple know they first tied the knot back in August of 2014.

The public has come to know that Gabrielle and Dwayne are very open and honest regarding their personal struggles. Back in November of 2018, the Bad Boys II alum and the retired basketball player welcomed their first daughter into the world via surrogate. This was shortly after Union revealed she had suffered multiple miscarriages.

In her 2017 book, We're Going To Need More Wine, Union wrote that she was continuously fighting to pregnant, and felt as though she was either going through an IVF cycle, in the middle of one or recovering from one. This past year, their daughter went to the 2019 Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Sports Awards.

During a conversation with Us Magazine, Dwayne said his daughter loves the "puffs" so they gave them to her right before getting out of the car. These days, Gabrielle has become more of a public figure and commentator, rather than an actress.

In recent news, she appeared on Jada Pinkett-Smith's talk show on Facebook, Red Table Talk , in which she and Jada crushed their long withstanding beef regarding Will. Rumor has it that Jada believed Will and Gabrielle had hooked up on set.

Furthermore, during the height of the #MeToo movement in 2017, Union got candid regarding her horrific rape experience. The actress claims she was raped while working at a shoe store. On Twitter, the actress explained the way in which women are frequently ignored and rape against them is justified by certain cultural misconceptions and myths.

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