Gabrielle Union Reveals That Uber Driver Had A 'Deuce' In Her House

Gabrielle Union Reveals That Uber Driver Had A 'Deuce' In Her House
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The start of Gabrielle Union's New Year apparently didn't go quite as well as she had hoped. Page Six claims the 47-year-old took to her Twitter account to share a story regarding an Uber driver who had to user her bathroom.

Union said on the platform that she was trying to be responsible, so she allowed her Uber driver to use the bathroom. He then spent close to twenty minutes in the bathroom, leaving behind a terrible smell.

Union, thankfully, poked fun at the situation stating that she was "pleased" with the fact she and her family have a home and reading material for other people to enjoy, get comfortable, and "drop kids off at the pool."

This story marks a more positive turn in the media coverage of Union in the past few months, following her firing from America's Got Talent which caused a backlash in the media as well as on social media. Reported by Nick Markus in November 2019, Gabrielle was axed from AGT suddenly and told the world her story.

According to Variety, who first reported on the dispute, Gabrielle complained she was frequently the target of very "specific criticism," much of which was directed at her hair. Reportedly, she was supposedly told her continuously changing hairstyles were too "black" for the audiences of America's Got Talent.

Multiple outlets reported that Gabrielle received several comments from executives on the show repeatedly during her career there, perhaps even more than a dozen. Additionally, Union complained about a comment that Jay Leno had made about Asian people eating hot dogs.

Following her termination from the show, the star took to her Twitter account to state, "so many tears, so much gratitude." Her husband, Dwayne Wade, broke his silence as well and offered his candid opinion on his wife's firing.

Another star to comment on the matter was her co-star Julianne Hough, who appeared to stay as diplomatic as possible. Julianna left the series at the same time. In later interviews, Julianne admitted she and Gabrielle hadn't spoken since their departure.

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