Gabrielle Union Reportedly Adores Motherhood, Even The Sleepless Part Of It

Gabrielle Union Reportedly Adores Motherhood, Even The Sleepless Part Of It
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Motherhood is a massive change in a woman's life, but for Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade, things have been great since they welcomed their baby daughter a few days ago. The latest reports claim that she has been having the time of her life.

'Gabrielle loves every single thing about being a new mom, even the sleepless nights,' an insider close to the family shared with the online magazine Hollywood Life.

The same source continued and explained that 'She and Dwayne are doing it themselves with no night nurse, so she’s sleep-deprived right now just like all new moms, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Gabrielle is holding on off on hiring a nanny or any kind of help because she doesn’t want to miss a single second with her baby. She has waited so long and had almost given up hope that she would ever experience all these new mom moments, so to her even being sleep deprived and covered in spit up is nothing but a blessing.'

The insider spilled more tea for the online magazine and told them that Gabrielle cannot stop looking at her gorgeous child.

She is reportedly blown away by her daughter's beauty, and she is profoundly grateful to her surrogate for helping her make her dream of having her baby come true.

Hollywood Life also reported that Dwayne had been the perfect father so far during every step of this beautiful, emotional journey.

It seems that even if Gabrielle once believes that she could not love her man more, now she is even more in love with him. We wish this family all the best and happiness!

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  • Doris W Mullen
    Doris W Mullen Nov 13, 2018 10:08 AM PST

    Congratulations to Gabrielle and Dwayne Wade...and to the entire Wade Family!!! The surrogate that made they're dream a reality, God bless her...

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