Gabrielle Union Pulls 'Mama Stunts' In New Picture With Dwayne Wade -- 'Being Mary Jane' Star's Feet Leave Fans Perplexed

Gabrielle Union Pulls 'Mama Stunts' In New Picture With Dwayne Wade -- 'Being Mary Jane' Star's Feet Leave Fans Perplexed
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Gabrielle Union declared that she was a "mama pulling stunts" in a gorgeous picture with her husband, Dwayne Wade. Followers found something very fascinating to focus on.

Kaavia's mother rocked a sexy suit and fur coat in the mini fashion photo shoot and sported waves in her bob.

While many fans complimented the actress, others are confused by her feet and asked a few questions.

In one photo where mama Gabby is standing next to her hubby -- her feet are bent in a weird angle, prompting people to ask, how did she get that done?

One person told the talented actress: "You are looking good! Love your outfit but when is being MaryJane coming back on? I absolutely love that suit! Looks amazing on you!Mama breakin' necks!! Werrrrrrk Gab 🔥🔥😍😍!! you like on fire love ì look good for just having a baby! That snapback is real!!! Lol!🤣🤗❤ you should do a postpartum body pic like everyone else where you say you feel insecure (although you look amazing) and then encourage women to love themselves🤣🤣🤣 you might as well enjoy the whole experience❤."

Another commenter shared: "You don’t age. I am a firm believer that you, @willsmith, Paul Rudd and @ryanphillippe are all vampires lol. You are all aging backward. 😆You inspire me so much ❤️ congrats on following your dreams and having faith in your passion. You guys look great. But... I sure do hope that faux. Anyone see her feet in the next pic or is it just me... Beautiful couple. She is stunning."

This fan wrote that Gabby that she has amazing skin and added: "Just Gorgeous. The skin is flawless. 🔥💕💖Very bad suit❤Would you look at that face tho!?!?! So byootiful💯💯Saw the episode of American pickers last night, Where the guy had D.wades Team pictures, posters, photos, clothes, autographed bobble heads.... etc. but what got me was the pic of D. Wade when he was a kid. That photo should have never left him."

Gabrielle has been living her best life since the arrival of her miracle baby, Kaavia, who is already a superstar with her shady baby posts and funny pictures.

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  • Esther Mbuli
    Esther Mbuli Jan 22, 2019 9:40 AM PST

    She is daddy's girl, she looks like her dad

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