Gabrielle Union Is Twining And Giggling With Kaavia James

Gabrielle Union Is Twining And Giggling With Kaavia James
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Gabrielle Union is a twining and giggling with her baby girl, Kaavia James . Fans' hearts are melting when seeing this video. Check out her recent post below.

Someone exclaimed: 'That little shoulder shrug!!!!! 🤗🤗' and another follower posted this: 'Mother and daughter happy together just beautiful!❤️'

A person posted: 'Thank you for being an amazing mom. Every photo & every video, your little one is flashing her beautiful smile. Believe it or not, many kids today don't really know the true love of a parent. So just want to give you a shout out!!!'

Gabrielle also shared a video of baby Kaavia by herself that also had fans in awe.

Another commenter said: 'Omg, adore this child. So cute!' and someone else posted: 'I am really trying to understand the hang-ups people have with this little baby's hair. There will be plenary of time for that. Just let her be.'

A fan said: 'Damn girl make her hair look cute, you always doing your hair, do hers too and maybe some cute earrings with all the money you all have geez 🙄' and one other followewr wrote this: 'Cutie pie. Wearing her natural pretty curly hair just like her mommy.👍🏾 shes growing so fast.'

Someone else wrote: 'I really like the fact that you are raising her to be down to earth. She's a simple girl. You guys are doing a great job.'

A follower said: 'What's up with all the trolling comments about her hair. First B was attacked about Blue now you'll want to come for baby K. Trust these babies are well taken care of. Change the vibe in your own life's and maybe you won't be so quick to try and judge others.'

In other news, Gabrielle Union dropped a few new pics in which she’s wearing a neon green outfit. She looks amazing, and her fans agree.

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