Gabrielle Union Gets Shaded By Baby Kaavia After She Removes Her Wig In Hilarious Video

Gabrielle Union Gets Shaded By Baby Kaavia After She Removes Her Wig In Hilarious Video
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Not even mama Gabrielle Union is immune to hilarious shades that her cute daughter, Kaavia, is famous for throwing.

In Gabrielle's latest videos, her wig and terrible singing skills are ripped apart by baby Kaavia.

The talented actress and activist shared a clip where Kaavia is giving her the side eye as she sings a sweet tune and changes her wig.

Gabrielle posted a clip where her infant is staring at her and used this fun caption: "My mama cannot sing. Why is she trying? I thought she was an actress. What's with the scully in 80-degree weather? And what happened to last night's wig? So many questions...lemme just try to maintain eye contact and be polite." (Kaav probably) #hamilton."

She added: "Again with the suspect wig placement. I keep staring at it. Is she getting ready in the dark? Who's going to tell her? I can't talk so ima stare at it and hope she catches on. #ShadyBaby."

Fans are obsessed with pretty baby Kaavia and her epic thoughts on what she sees around her. Some even want a TV show based on Gabrielle's funny captions.

One fan said: "Fix the wig cause she’s not going to let up!!!! I love shady baby. She looked at the camera like “please return to sender”?? this baby’s face kills me. This is exactly how my 2-month-old looks at me lol she probably be thinking the same about me. She’s a forever mood. She looks so much like her dad."

Another follower claimed: "Oh my Lord. Isn't she precious? Thanks for sharing. Nobody is immune to Kaavia's shade!!? So happy to see you enjoying motherhood to the fullest."

This person shared: "Awwww God thank you for this beautiful mama you have given to me, look at this cute face. Where’s dad? ? Um, mommy, can you put on the game? What song is this mom can we listen to some with a beat? Um, mommy isn’t it past your bed time? Are you scaring the poor child probably thinking why lord? Why? ?We need to do an animated show solely around her thoughts."

Gabrielle has found her voice with baby Kaviaa.

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