Gabrielle Union Gets Mommy-Shamed After Posting This Picture And Reacts In A Classy Way With An Assist From Dwyane Wade

Gabrielle Union Gets Mommy-Shamed After Posting This Picture And Reacts In A Classy Way With An Assist From Dwyane Wade
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And so begins the mom-shaming for Gabrielle Union who welcomed a baby girl with husband Dwyane Wade about two weeks ago.

Along with being talented and stunning, Gabrielle is known for being outspoken. So, it will surprise no one to learn that she found a smart way to clap back at her haters.

The actress recently shared a picture of her baby girl and used the caption to say she had not showered nor brushed her teeth in the past few days.

Many shamed the new mom and told her to practice good hygiene because she did not give birth and used a surrogate.

She clapped back by writing: "?x ☂️ ... this baby smell though?! Heaven ????." And Dwyane showed his support by adding the following comment "My loves." Fans have stepped in to show love to Gabrielle.

One person stated: "The best smell in the world? I’m glad you’re getting the Experience Mama G. A lot of these Athletes don't claim their kids or grandkids. I saw a few pics of Wade and him. Never Gabby. If You marry someone, you take them and their kids...also the mom may not want him in the public eye. I know she was on Bball Wives."

Another supporter shared: "OMG. Newborns smell like deep freezers when you stick your head all the way in. Best smell ever!!! can tell she’s in love with that baby. Makes my heart happy to see someone who wanted to be a mom for so long finally be a mom but like BE a mom. Not just for an accessory or photo op. She has genuine love in her eyes for that baby. God bless them."

This follower told the happy mom: "This amazing woman fought hard to become a mother, I'm extremely happy for her!! You are my role model. I am so excited for you two! I understand the struggle of not being able to conceive. Love on her and enjoy her now while she can’t talk lol."

A fourth supporter stated: "I don’t think I’ve been more happy for someone I don’t personally know ??❤️ you deserve all of this joy!! The newborn baby smell it’s unforgettable. So yummy. Enjoy every moment, every smile, and every tiny stretch. They grow up too quickly. God bless your beautiful family. So happy for you and your bundle of joy love on mom and God bless your family."

Fans are eager to learn the name of the baby girl.

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  • Deyzz
    Deyzz Nov 20, 2018 3:09 AM PST

    Happy for them. Had no idea.

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