Gabrielle Union Gets Candid About Being ‘Called A Witch’ Over Supporting Transgender Daughter Zaya!

Gabrielle Union Gets Candid About Being ‘Called A Witch’ Over Supporting Transgender Daughter Zaya!
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People can be so cruel and intolerant! That was the case with Gabrielle Union and her step-daughter Zaya as well!

As you might know, Dwyane Wade’s 13 year old daughter is transgender and her parents have been nothing but supportive from the very moment she came out.

But unfortunately, not everyone is as supportive of the LGBTQIA+ community as they are.

The actress revealed during a chat with Jemele Hill that she has been feeling a lot of pressure to speak up because of the many black and brown trans victims of violence out there.

Furthermore, she shared that some people have gone as far as to call Gabrielle a witch because she’s been supporting Zaya to be a hundred percent her authentic self.

‘We are losing our Black and brown trans sisters at an alarming and frightening rate and, if we’re not doing everything in our power to get it right, we’re sacrificing more of us,’ the star dished.

She went on to say that there are many who want the parents to ‘sacrifice Zaya ’ in the process.

‘I’ve literally been called a witch and I’m like, what the f***? Because there’s this notion that we can’t all exist as we are and for anyone of us to exist in any kind of different sort of way in all of our beauty and splendor and wonderful selves we should cast them out,’ the actress stated.

Gabrielle admitted that while she and Dwyane are very open-minded and supportive, they have had a lot to learn for her sake.

‘We all had to educate ourselves because we weren’t. We didn’t understand the trauma and the harm that’s caused by misgendering someone. We will never turn our back on our baby and we’re not going to turn our back on your baby either. We’re always going to fight for the most marginalized. And if that takes more education for us then you have to humble yourself; ‘shush’ before you center yourself as an ally, we have to just keep doing that. And it’s not about our ego; it’s about safety.’


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