Gabrielle Union Flaunts Amazing Beach Body In Italy With Husband Dwyane Wade

Gabrielle Union Flaunts Amazing Beach Body In Italy With Husband Dwyane Wade
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Gabrielle Union flaunted her amazing beach body while on vacation with her husband, Dwyane Wade, in Italy.

The "Being Mary Jane" star and the Chicago Bulls shooting guard have been zig-zagging through Europe in what they called #WadeWorldTour.

The power couple has been using Instagram to show off their headline-making fashion sense with an array of outfits from Valentino, Balmain, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès.

While some were classy, others were a bit futuristic.

It should be pointed out that the husband and wife were accompanied by their stylists - Thomas Christos and Calyann Barnett.

The most fashionable couple in entertainment/sports began their European tour in France where they attended Men’s Fashion Week.

The pair later jetted to Italy, and they spent about a week visiting Rome and chilling on a yacht.

Union paraded around in many bikinis that showed off her impressive washboard stomach and Michelle Obama-like arms.

The "Bring It On" actress also posted an impressive shot when the camera was focused on her derriere.

Fans complimented Union on her athlete body and jokingly demanded to see her birth certificate because she does not look like she is 44 years old.

Many people seem to agree that the actress appears to be in her mid-20s.

Good news, Union recently revealed her secrets to looking fabulous, and no, she does not eat lion meat or work out with her husband.

She confessed: "Water! I started drinking a gallon of water a day in my mid-thirties, and some people have called me a vampire or that I am using embalming fluid, or other crazy things. But honestly, my hair, skin, and nails all changed once I started drinking a gallon of water a day. It is something that we all have available to us, but we do not take advantage of it. And it does not need to be the fancy, super-expensive water. Most of the time, especially in New York or Los Angeles, I drink tap water. I will add a little lemon to feel fancy, but it is just important to get the water in. If you can replace sugary drinks, or coffee, with water, you are still ahead of the game."

She added: "Once again, high-definition has actually motivated me more than my husband! I have always been in shape, but I try not to be obsessive about it, I would rather just be healthy. Filming on high-definition will make you a fitness fanatic because you can see literally every little thing on your body. Whether it is bra fat, an armpit bulge, or all those other things that in real life are not that bad."

Union concluded by saying that she has cheat days when she eats cupcakes, cookies, and bacon.

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    Gabrielle Union is rich and she has never had children, she's supposed to have an amazing body.

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