Gabrielle Union Embarrassed Baby Kaavia With Her Latest Video

Gabrielle Union Embarrassed Baby Kaavia With Her Latest Video
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Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union has decided to post a sweet video where she is having the time of her life while singing with her baby girl, Kaavia, in her arms.

And by the expressions on baby Kaavia's face, it is clear she saying things like "my mom is crazy and her voice is terrible."

In the brief clip, Gabrielle comes down the steps with Kaavia glued to her hip as she sings Mary J. Blige's "Not Gon' Cry."

Gabrielle captioned the funny yet embarrassing video: "Thank you @therealruthecarter for starting this challenge to finish out #WomensHistoryMonth in a fun way while showing the world anything is possible when women unite! So I stretched my hips and accepted this challenge of singing, dancing, and lip-syncing to my favorite female empowerment song! We have all been through something in this life. We've all fallen and didn't want to get up. We've had our hearts broken. We've all experienced failures. All women share these common truths, and we can ALL rise when we stick together and uplift each other. Let's keep this going and laugh and have fun along the way. I nominate @chrissyteigen @jessicaalba and @traceeellisross to keep this challenge going! 🎵 @therealmaryjblige #WomenDancingTogether #WomenDancingTogetherChallenge."

Fans cannot stop laughing at the video.

One supporter told the new mom: "Yeah, girl sings the song, because we all have there and can identify. Baby Kaav be like "I wonder if all humans are crazy like my mama🤔"ain’t those them Ugg boots from being Mary Jane😂😂 nobody can wear them better than she can!!! Her expressions are killing me.😂😂😂 She is so damn beautiful❤️ What a blessing."

Another fan had this to say about the mommy-daughter bonding moment: "The look on Kaavia's face is priceless ❤️The baby is looking like, what's going on here?? That bottle cap rolled around the floor. And that's how mommies lose them. 🤣🤣🤣🤣It seems like someone is having fun. Enjoy your happiness. That is what life is all about. Much love peace and continued blessings."

This third follower shared: "Too funny! I look forward to her responses when she is older to the videos and photo captions her parents made of @kaaviajames I am absolutely loving it."

Gabrielle looks happy like never before.

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