Gabrielle Union Defends A TV News Anchor Amid Fat-Shaming Controversy

Gabrielle Union Defends A TV News Anchor Amid Fat-Shaming Controversy
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Everyone on social media lept to the defense of Dallas news anchor, Demetria Obilor, not long after a girl body-shamed her during a Facebook rant. The woman in question stated Demetria is too fat to fit into the dress that she wears on air. More specifically, the social media troll wrote, "she's a size sixteen-eighteen woman in a size-six dress!"

Many on Instagram as well as Twitter came out to defend her including actress Gabrielle Union, who wrote a lengthy paragraph in support of the news anchor.

The Ten Things I Hate About You alumni reassured her that nothing is wrong with her body and her hair looks great.

According to the magazine, Ebony, the person who wrote the tweet was viciously berated by others on social media. They wrote, "the racist mafia did not appreciate the criticism, and now they are harassing me."

As a result, she thought it best to begin blocking every single person who responded to her mean posts about the news anchor. Additionally, as a response to the accusations of racism, the troll wrote she didn't even notice Demetria was of African-American heritage.

In Gabrielle Union's post in support of the anchor, she said Demetria is "the real-life Mary Jane."

This isn't the first time Gabrielle Union has fought in the name of women. She has been an outspoken advocate for the female sex lately, as the actress wrote about her experiences as a victim of sexual assault in her new memoir.

Union discussed the notion that a woman's choice of dress may provoke attackers. Using the example of her rape which occurred in a Payless Shoestore, Union argued that it doesn't matter what a person looks like, it's possible for them to experience sexual abuse.


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