Gabrielle Union Celebrates Another Icon For Christmas

Gabrielle Union Celebrates Another Icon For Christmas
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Gabrielle Union made a habit of celebrating all kinds of amazing women by dropping a post on her social media account to praise them. Now, she is celebrating another important icon. Check out her message below.

'Today's #WCW is, was and forever will be an ICON!! To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of Waiting To Exhale, let us celebrate Lela Rochon (@iamlelarochon)! She was one of a handful of brown-skinned beauties that helped so many see themselves on the big and small screen,' Gabrielle began.

She has always been stunning, but she has also always been kind, compassionate and a generous spirit. Known worldwide for her legendary performances in Harlem Nights, Mr. and Mrs Loving, Boomerang, Any Given Sunday, and of course Waiting to Exhale... she is most proud of being a mother, a friend, and an uplifting voice for black women everywhere. Let us lift her up in the light of goodness and hold her there,' Gabrielle finished her post.

Someone commented: 'A classic beauty! Love her screaming from the balcony “leather-wearing in the summertime!” in Waiting to Exhale, haha.'

A follower said: 'What a lovely birthday tribute! Happy Birthday, Queen!' and somoene else said: 'So touching, warm and sincere praise from one outstanding black woman to other black, beautiful and simply amazing black woman. I hope this catches on! We, as black women don’t have the luxury of allowing our behaviour of negativity to exist. We’re not crabs in the barrel. Be kind. Be loving. Be supportive.'

Someone else wrote: 'Okay Ms @gabunion you just made my whole Holiday week❤️ I adore you too.'

In other news, Gabrielle Union  shared new photos of her baby girl,  Kaavia James . She doesn’t seem happy at all, and fans realize that her parents are not calling her the ‘shady baby’ for no reason.


Check out the post that she shared.

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