Gabrielle Union, Baby Kaavia Wade, And Their Dog Wearing Matching Outfits In The Cutest Video Ever

Gabrielle Union, Baby Kaavia Wade, And Their Dog Wearing Matching Outfits In The Cutest Video Ever
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Baby Kaavia and mama Gabrielle Union are making big boss moves to secure the bag.

The ageless actress has decided to launch a clothing line that will make mothers, their babies, and pets beyond happy.

Dwyane Wade's wife modeled a cute outfit composed of a hoodie and shorts and cutie pie Kaavia and their beloved dog, Tre, wore the identical attire.

Gabrielle captioned the video of the adorable photo shoot: "What started out as just wanting to make matching outfits that @kaaviajames and I could wear (and our dog Tre 🐶) - transformed into something bigger that includes all babies. The line was inspired by busy moms who need easy, cute and comfortable clothes for their babies… and of course, @kaaviajames’ dynamic personality. We’ve got a lil something for every cutie 🤗 link in bio @nyandcompany."

One person had this reaction to the video: "Finally, somebody understands the importance of everyone matching in the family… Down to the doggie. ❤️"

Another supporter stated: "Go, shady baby! Ain’t even six months yet and killin’ the game. 😫💜She is so darn cute!!! Her facial expressions crack me up.I'm just mad. Gabbie waited so long for her baby. Otherwise. She'd be mad like the rest of who do all the work for the baby to have they dad whole face. One day. One day. Will see the dad face jokes. All love😘😘😘"

This Instagram user praised baby Kaavia for being a mini-mogul: "Clothing line and she's not even 1-year old😩❤️ I need to get my life together 😭😂😂 congratulations!!! ❤️💕💕💕💕She looks so much like her father, and her face is not changing at [email protected] is an entrepreneur before the age of 1yo! We STAN #shadybaby. She stays snatching edges!🤣"

This mother said Kaavia is already working on generational wealth: "And this ladies and gentlemen this is how growing generational wealth works! Can’t wait for Shady Baby clothing! I’m tired of pink! Everything in my daughter’s closet is darn near pink! Shady Baby has only been alive for two hot seconds, and she's already securing "the bag." We need to fire our kids 😐Gabrielle I see your face trying to push through. She’s beautiful. There is no possible way....she can get any cuter!!"

Gabrielle is not playing with her money.

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