Gabrielle Union And Baby Kaavia Wear Gorgeous Bathing Suits In Beach Video With Dwyane Wade

Gabrielle Union And Baby Kaavia Wear Gorgeous Bathing Suits In Beach Video With Dwyane Wade
Credit: Instagram

Baby Kaavia and her mother Gabrielle Union are telling fans bonjour from France where they are having the time of their lives on a beautiful sandy beach.

The talented actress took to social media and she delighted her millions of followers with a sweet video where almost eight-month-old Kaavia is wearing a pink bathing suit and has her tiny feet in the sand.

Dwyane Wade's wife, who opted for a snakeskin bikini, is holding her baby girl who seems ready to jump in the sand to play in it or to try to put some in her little mouth as most babies would do.

Fans are in love with the miracle baby who keeps making them smile.

One follower shared: "Love how babies are like “eeewwww, what is this stuff?” 🥴.My favorite thing about social media is that you guys are sharing what you want us to see. It isn't some weirdo in the bushes spying on a mom and her baby."

This person penned this sweet message: "She’s looking down like I don’t know mom get it off my feet 😂She’s full of life, and I love it!! 😍 Teach us adults how to live .look at little mama first day on the sand having a great time with Mama So Beautiful Let It Go How Sweet It Is to hold a newborn baby and the joy that it brings bless Gabrielle."

This Instagram user wrote: "Awwww Kaavia💕 she's like mommy let me go play in the sand😘👑🙏Look at those chunky lil legs omg she's the cutest baby. I love seeing @gabunion with her daughter because she waited and went through so much to have her little miracle; it is such a beautiful sight!!! The joy of motherhood & immeasurable love is on your face & this beautiful baby so loved & cherished is priceless 😍😍🤗🤗😘😘."

This mom praised the new mother: "She is absolutely beautiful! A natural and talented actress like her mother. So much character. Gab and DW made a perfect blend. ❤️I'm a big fan of yours. I love all of your movies. You are such a good actress...excellent."

Baby Kaavia is out there living her best life and melting hearts with cuteness. Her parents are doing great in this new adventure.

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