Gabrielle Union And Baby Kaavia Bring Joy To A Room Full Of People Including Dwyane Wade With Their Dance Moves In Viral Video

Gabrielle Union And Baby Kaavia Bring Joy To A Room Full Of People Including Dwyane Wade With Their Dance Moves In Viral Video

Gabrielle Union has succeeded in giving her deep love of music to her adorable baby girl, Kaavia. This week, the hard working mom took to social media where she posted the most adorable video.

In the clip, Gabrielle can be seen getting ready for a photo shoot as dad Dwyane Wade holds baby Kaavia.

The talented actress, who was listening to music, started dancing and cutie pie Kaavia decided to mimic her mom and began bouncing on her dad's knees.

The sweet dance moves delighted the parents who could be heard laughing. The clip went viral with over 2 million views.

Fans agree that motherhood looks amazing on Gabrielle and baby Kaavia was born to spread happiness.

One supporter reacted to the clip by saying: "She's happy to have her little baby finally ❤️❤️. I'm happy for her.
motherhood looks sweet on you; the love you have for your baby girl is tangible; God bless!."

Another commenter stated: "Gab how do you not age, I've legit been watching your movie since I was in diapers and u still look the same!😂😭😭😭😭😍💕💕💕"

This fan shared: "I love you guys so much. Your happiness is contagious ❤️ Thanks for sharing good vibes. Look at her nurse trying not to be recorded. Lol, we see you, babe! 🤣😂😉 So much joy in that one room. ❤️"

Gabrielle has decided to open up about her infertility struggles and her decision to have a child via surrogacy in the latest issue of Glamour .

She explained: "So much of the Instagram life is creating these perfect illusions, right? People have kids -- even through surrogacy or IVF or whatever -- and the kids just appear. Rarely do we hear how. What was the journey? Without understanding what got to baby, it feels like easy and overnight. And that's not the case."

She added: "... I would never say that I'm giving anyone permission, but sometimes it takes somebody doing something to be like, 'Oh sure, I can talk about this. It has no bearing on my value, my worth, the validity of my motherhood journey. So I try to be as open as possible. I’m telling people the water’s warm. Dive on in."

Gabrielle concluded by: "I’ll see a pregnant woman, and I just feel like, Damn, you know? I’ll ask myself, Would my relationship with her be different?" Union says. "And then I go home and have a whole-a** baby."

The actress is clearly in a different chapter.

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