Gabrielle Union Addresses What Happened At Capitol Hill: 'Treason. Sedition. Domestic Terrorism'

Gabrielle Union Addresses What Happened At Capitol Hill: 'Treason. Sedition. Domestic Terrorism'
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Gabrielle Union shared a few words on her social media account about what happened at Capitol Hill a couple of days ago. Check out what she had to say.

'Treason. Sedition. Domestic terrorism. And they casually let them in and casually let them walk out without a care in the world. #TwoAmericas,' Gabrielle wrote.

Someone said: 'We tried to tell them that RACISM was THEIR problem, not ours! That letting this hatred go unchecked would create anarchy that would threaten what they call democracy! Now they see, but will they change their tune or continue whistling Dixie.'

Another follower posted this: 'It was the white guy who broke in in Nancy Pelosi's office and stole her mail and proudly took a picture with it for me!'

Someone else posted: '1000000000% terrorism! These people stand for nothing but violence and evil! #trump must go to jail!!'

A follower said: 'Why y’all surprised ?? They have been showing us in our face who they are for many, many many years RIP TRAVON & BREONNA TAYLOR and the many more.'

A follower said: 'Look at the guard. He’s happy not doing one thing. White America' and a commenter posted this: 'I am so sorry that we live in America that we do. This would be a different situation if it was a BLM protest, and that's what's messed up and heartbreaking.'

In other recent news, Gabrielle Union  just shared a couple of new pics featuring  Dwyane Wade ,  and her fans and follwoers could not be happier for her.

Check out the post that she shared on her social media account.

Also, Gabrielle  shared some pics featuring her baby girl,  Kaavia James . When fans saw her dressed as Santa’s helper, they gushed over her in the comments section. Check out  one of the posts.


Gaby is definitely living her best life.

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