Gabrielle Union Addresses The Daunte Wright Tragedy - See The Video

Gabrielle Union Addresses The Daunte Wright Tragedy - See The Video
Credit: BET

Gabrielle Union just addressed the Daunte Wright tragedy. Check out her message and the video that she shared on her social media account.

'"He was loved. He was ours." Nyesha Wright, aunt of Daunte Wright #DaunteWright #SayHisName,' captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Heart wrenching. ESP because it could be ANY of us. Any one of us! This poor baby,' and a follwoer said: 'Felt her pain to my core and I think who will be next😭😭 As a mother of a black teen boy my heart and soul felt all of this😭'

Someone else posted this: 'He should still be here today. The fact that his life was taken so senselessly, people need to be held accountable for their actions for once.'

A commenter said: 'What’s pathetic is that lame excuse that she gave. The last time I checked when an officers gun is holstered the safety is supposed to be on. So how did pull the wrong weapon and how did the safety end up disengaged? That chick knew exactly what she was doing.'

Someone else posted this: 'This is so so sad 😭 they are doing the same in Africa financing wars over minerals and they really don't care about people over 6millions of Congolese have died and the whole world keep silence 🤐 it's so sad they even doing the same thing in their own land so sad 😭'

In other news, Gabrielle Union   shared some amazing pics at the pool, and Kaavia James is by her side as well. Check out the post that she shared on IG.


'@kaaviajames : Somebody conveniently gave me the wrong call time for the shoot. Now “somebody” is trying to avoid eye contact. Are you that “somebody?”😂 Flawless hydration. Flawlessly moisturized. @flawlessbygu available at @sallybeauty @amazon 🥰😍' Gabrielle captioned her post.

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