Gabourey Sidibe Claps Back At Fan Who Dissed Her Photo

Gabourey Sidibe Claps Back At Fan Who Dissed Her Photo
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It is Gabourey Sidibe against a rude fan, and she is the winner.

The Internet can be a cruel place where people hiding behind their computers and various devices share mean comments for no real reason.

This week, Miss Sidibe shared a selfie where she is hanging out with three beautiful friends.

All four pals showed off their almost winter style with long-sleeved tops and fur coats.

The White Bird in a Blizzard actress captioned the photo that appeared to be taken in an elevator: "On our way to ya mans house....."

A woman by the name of Betty slammed Sidibe by writing: "I'm not mad at you boy looking [email protected] Go find your sides and stop wearing."

The Empire actress did not take the negative comment sitting down; she hit back hard in a classy way.

Sidibe wrote: "I'm not sure why you're mad, and I don't need to know why Betty. What I do no is that you are suffering and you are probably reaching out and nastiness in order to get some attention and you have mine. You have my attention and my concern, and now my hand is extended to you in prayer that your situation and your heart is healed."

She added: "I don't have to know your needs to ask the Lord to provide those needs to you. May you receive this prayer in love and may God's peace and guidance fall on you and left you and keep you in love."

Betty is being laughed at after being called out.

One person said: "Damn this hurt my feelings lol and glad I'm not the one that she is clapping back at handling it with class. Betty with the bad hair.. Take a seat hunny and get a weave baby! Then you can be Becky with that good hair and fresh attitude to strangers I' ll pray for you Betty tonight before I go to bed god bless you."

Another stated: "All love sis. Oh, she's just mad cause you getting this money and she can't seem to figure out how to stop hating other people and learn to love herself to make her own... besides. I know she ain't talking about that profile pic."

A third commenter joked: "The nerve of u, you look like a grown man, calling someone boy looking. Sis ur MAN LOOKING, grown man looking. Like seriously. And yea I don’t have prayers to give u I’ll save that for Gabby to give, for u I have this finger learn how to be a Lady!"

What are your thoughts on Sidibe's response?

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  • Adina Bankston
    Adina Bankston Nov 13, 2017 7:05 PM PST

    Gabby I think you are beautiful. I think you are funny and a all around good person. You have a blessed beautiful soul.

  • Lynette
    Lynette Nov 13, 2017 6:30 PM PST

    Bravo Gabby!! Bravo my sista!?

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