Gabby Sidibe Stuns In Short Dress And Cute Makeup -- Photos Please Followers

Gabby Sidibe Stuns In Short Dress And Cute Makeup -- Photos Please Followers
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Gabourey Sidibe recently visited 29 Rooms in New York.

And while Sidibe looked amazing in a beautiful attire, she learned the hard way that a short dress can get in the way of having fun.

The Precious actress took to Instagram, and she posted several pictures and videos where she and a group of friends had a ball in the interactive funhouse of style, culture, and technology.

She also did a fashion post, and she showed off the lovely mini-dress she wore and her perfect makeup.

The American Horror Story: Hotel star explained that the length of her hem got in the way.

Sidibe stated: "Was all over #29Rooms last night, just wildin out! There were so many fun rooms! It's like a playground! You should go! But don't wear a short dress as I did! I feel like a lot of people saw my panties last night, and now I feel like somebody owes me some money!"

She added: "In a 90's kinda world, I'M GLAD I GOT MY GIRLS!!"

The Empire star wrote the following for her close-up photo: "This Is Just My Face."

Fans are in love with her lip color.

One follower said: "Honey that lip is too hot for these folks to handle."

Another wrote in Spanish: "O Que sexi mujer."

A third supporter stated: "Your amazing and confident wish I had some of that; your makeup is gorgeous. WOW, you are so BEAUTIFUL!!! Much love Gabi may God keep blessing you. That dress is darn cute."

A fourth person complimented Sidibe on her new book, This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare .

The person wrote: "Just finished your wonderful book! Love your take on life. You are an inspiration!!"

In her book, the Oscar nominee spoke about a few incidents with so-called fashion experts.

She explained: "She greeted me, but the look on her face told me that she thought I was lost. I had been at her display for less than a minute, and she was literally directing me to another store. I knew what she was doing. She had decided after a single look at me that I was not there to spend any money. Even though I was carrying a Chanel bag, she decided I was not a Chanel customer and so, not worth her time and energy."

She added: "No matter how dressed up I get, I am never going to be able to dress up my skin color to look like what certain people perceive to be an actual customer. Depending on the store, I either look like a thief or a waste of time. There doesnโ€™t seem to be a middle ground between no attention and too much attention."

Those people must have been living under a rock not to recognize such a famous American star.

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