G-Eazy Says Ashley Benson Is A 'Special One' Amid Their Growing Romance

G-Eazy Says Ashley Benson Is A 'Special One' Amid Their Growing Romance
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G-Eazy is loving every minute of his new relationship with Ashley Benson , a new report from Entertainment Tonight revealed this week. G-Eazy, the rapper, spoke with reporters from the outlet during an interview in which he described her as an "exceptionally talented person" in a number of ways.

G-Eazy went on to label her as a "special one," before adding that she was a "great actress" as well. The rapper also said she had a great tonal quality to her voice; it has a particular texture to it that would make her a great performer.

The rapper says it "blew him away" when he discovered that she had a hidden talent that not a lot of people are aware of. Gerald, who goes by the stage name, G-Eazy, says they're working on a new track together which may or may not come out sometime in the future, although, it's not clear when.

According to the "Calm Down" artist, he has the songs in a vault, and maybe one day they'll be released, but for now, they're a little secret that no one else gets to enjoy. As most know, G-Eazy and Benson, 30, first sparked rumors of a potential engagement back in August.

Ashley was spotted wearing a ring on her left ring finger, prompting rumors that they had gotten engaged and are gearing up to get married. Fans of the rapper know they first started dating earlier this year, however, the tabloids first picked up on their relationship in May.

Before his relationship with Benson, G-Eazy was linked to Halsey and was also trying to get his way with Megan Thee Stallion. Benson, on the other hand, dated Cara Delevinge and they were in a relationship for two years before they called it off in May.

Coincidentally, new reports have come out saying that Cara and Halsey are now dating, and fans have been freaking out about it. As it was just noted, G-Eazy dated Halsey and Cara was in a relationship with Ashley Benson for quite some time.


Thus far, however, neither Cara nor Halsey have gone public with their romance, but The Sun says they may be in a relationship.

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