G-Eazy And Halsey - Is He Ready For A Serious Relationship After Their ‘Painful Breakup?’

G-Eazy And Halsey - Is He Ready For A Serious Relationship After Their ‘Painful Breakup?’
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Now that he and Halsey are no longer an item, is G-Eazy looking for someone new to love? One source tells HollywoodLife that he is not in a hurry and why that is!

Apparently, the man has been really struggling following the painful breakup but is trying his best to move on.

However, does that mean he is ready for a serious relationship at this time?

The source shared with the outlet that G-Eazy really misses Halsey and finds it really difficult to see how amazing she is doing and how stunning she looks.

But because he still loves her and knows that a part of him always will,  all he supposedly wants is for her to be happy at this point.

Furthermore, the source noted that he is aware that also means she would be dating someone else.

‘G-Eazy knows Halsey can get any guy she wants, which makes moving on that much harder. He's casually dating around, and he is certainly not ready to jump into a brand new relationship anytime soon. Right now, he's just looking for a distraction to help heal his heart and to adjust to life without Halsey,’ the insider dished.

Previously, another HollywoodLife insider report also discussed how Halsey was not too affected by the paparazzi pics of G-Eazy with Christina Roseann Ray.

Another source explained that ‘While it does sting a little bit, seeing the pictures of G-Eazy looking loved up with that girl have not crushed Halsey or made her want him back. It is the total opposite, and it has just made her even more sure that she wants to move on from him because it just hits home the fact that he can never be alone.’

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