G-Eazy And Halsey Are Over Just One Year After Their Relationship Began

G-Eazy And Halsey Are Over Just One Year After Their Relationship Began
Credit: Source: EOnline.com

Halsey recently announced that she and her boyfriend of one year have decided to take some time off from each other. The singer took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday to confirm the rumors that she and the rapper had decided to end it.

"G-Eazy and I are taking some time apart," the singer said. Halsey added she was "eager to continue" working on her career and artform.

The 23-year-old deleted many of the photos of herself and G-Eazy on Instagram, leading to fans questioning if they were over for good. It appears as though fans' worst fears came true.

G-Eazy and Halsey first started dating last year, and frequently posted photos of each other on social media. They sparked dating rumors when they attended several parties together in New York and Los Angeles when the rapper celebrated his album's release.

An insider at one of the parties said they looked to be "all smiles" throughout the night. Additionally, when G-Eazy got into trouble with Swedish authorities, Halsey defended him at the club. However, the rapper was caught with a small bag of cocaine.

He also got into trouble through guilt by association, when the company, H & M, published a photograph of an African-American child wearing a sweater that said, "coolest monkey in the jungle."

The reasoning for why it was offensive is people in the past used the term "monkey," as a means of berating and belittling African-originated Americans.

Nonetheless, H & M lost both spokespersons The Weeknd, as well as G-Eazy, for their computer-generated advertisement that had a black child wearing the sweater.

However, some on social media stated that it was possible the company didn't even realize the term was derogatory, considering the term "monkey," and black people, haven't been historically associated with each other in Europe. Either way, it was a poor choice of advertisement, and the company had to apologize.

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