FYRE Festival Merch Is Being Auctioned Off As Social Media Team Behind It Is Being Sued For Stealing Memes

FYRE Festival Merch Is Being Auctioned Off As Social Media Team Behind It Is Being Sued For Stealing Memes
Credit: Source: Vanity Fair

If the documentaries that showed exactly what went down behind the scenes of the Fyre Festival were never released, the unsung heroes who were affected by the scam would never be receiving as much justice as they are now and the people involved with it would actually be better off. However, the factual programs were a hit and there are consequences involved.

The original merchandise that was supposed to be sold at the failed Coachella rip-off is being auctioned off and the profit is going directly to some of the people on the Bahamian island who were never paid for their services.

The US Marshals’ New York office will be selling two boxes of swag. They told Vulture: "We have an assortment of the 'real thing' Fyre Festival-branded T-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, hats, wristbands and medallions."

The merch was turned over by the elusive Billy McFarland himself who is currently serving a six-year prison sentence.

Meanwhile, 'F*** Jerry,' the popular meme account-turned-brand-developer that was behind the social media aspect of the scam, is finding themselves in the middle of a lawsuit for stealing memes.

A content creator named Olorunfemi Coker is suing the F*** Jerry entity for stealing and reposting his content in order to promote a tequila brand. F*** Jerry media produced the Netflix version of the Fyre Festival documentary and it seems that it did more harm than good for both the brand and rapper Ja Rule who has been clowned for his part in the mess ever since.

John Mulaney, Colin Hanks, and Whitney Cummings recently bashed the Instagram account for stealing jokes and reposting them as their own.

Hanks posted an Instagram message that read, in part: "Been thinking about some things lately that I want to tell you guys. A couple of things. @f***jerry isn’t just some guy. It started that way but now it’s actually a marketing agency that can command thousands of dollars for a single IG post. A company that has profited from stealing jokes and content from comedians and not giving proper credit. Do a quick Google search. They are hustlers. Con men."

What do you think it will take to end the F*** Jerry brand?

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