Future's Oldest Child Allegedly Facing 20 Years In Prison -- Rapper Is Stepping In After He Requests Public Defender

Future's Oldest Child Allegedly Facing 20 Years In Prison -- Rapper Is Stepping In After He Requests Public Defender
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Future is known for having many kids by many women. Unfortunately, his oldest child has been caught up in the wrong lifestyle.

Jakobi Wilburn is only 17-years-old and is facing nearly 20 years in prison for gang activity if convicted because the Georgia system will try him as an adult.

On January 19, the teen was arrested for criminal use of an article with altered ID mark-possession of firearm and giving a false name, address or birthdate to law a enforcement officer.

Later on, there were more charges brought against him which include suspicion of gang activity, and possession of a firearm with the serial number scratched off.

Jakobi requested a public defender citing that he doesn't have the means to pay for his own lawyer to represent him. Since the story went viral, Future has stepped in and will be making sure that his son is armed with top of the line lawyers.

This is the rapper's very first child that he conceived with his ex Jessica Smith who has been relatively quiet until now.

In a statement to TMZ, the mother asked for the public to respect her family's privacy in a statement that read: 'Our son is a minor and to protect his well being in this trying situation, we ask that everyone please respect our privacy at this time.'

In 2016, Jessica sued the Life is Good artist for more child support and accused him of lying about how much he makes.

In an exclusive report from The Jasmine Brand, Smith alleged that Future's absence was affecting their son's behavior.

'Jessica claims that their son suffers from emotional and behavioral issues stemming from Future’s neglect as a father, coupled with the exposure of his father’s grandiose lifestyle in the media. As a result, their son is in need of behavioral and clinical therapy to address the emotional trauma that he is suffering due to him under-performing in school and is in need of specialized tutoring,' the site reported.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that the parents got the help that the child needed in order to keep him out of trouble.

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