Future's Bodyguard Assault: He Will Reportedly Not Press Charges After Being Knocked Out

Future's Bodyguard Assault: He Will Reportedly Not Press Charges After Being Knocked Out
Credit: BET

It was reported recently that social media went crazy after a video featuring Future's bodyguard being assaulted went viral. The Shade Room presents more details on the subjects.

According to TSR, 'Future's bodyguard can be seen standing for a moment before a couple of men brutally attacked him, causing him to be knocked out.'

TSR cites details from TMZ and writes 'no charges are being pressed against the man, despite his violent behavior.TMZ says there is no investigation into the brutal assault of Future's bodyguard. According to Spanish law enforcement, the Civil Guard won't pursue an arrest if there are no charges being pressed.'

It was also reported that a rep for the Civil Guard stated the fact that even if an assault includes a deadly weapon, someone needs to come forward and press charges.

Pressing charges would be seen as a sign of weakness. He just takes his L and keeps it pushing.

Someone posted: 'He was hit with a rock. Also, this happened in Ibiza. I doubt he even knows where to find these people to retaliate. I think it’s messed up they just gonna let it slide with him being attacked like that by 10 people.'

Another follower said: 'It’s the fact if the security guard was to protect himself by flipping the script he would’ve been in the same predicament as A$AP....it’s not about him being “weak” he was using his brain.'

One commenter posted: 'A second mistake by the guard. The first mistake is when he left himself unguarded 🤦🏽‍♀️. There must be more to this story ...Ain’t no way.'

A person believes that 'He should press charges. If it were a black dude that knocked out a white guy or non black guy (as in the case of ASAP), consequences would have followed. Black people are too forgiving it irks me. 🙄'

What do you think about all of this?

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