Future Talks About Sacrificing True Love For His Lifestyle Including Multiple Girlfriends

Future Talks About Sacrificing True Love For His Lifestyle Including Multiple Girlfriends
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Fame and fortune come with more problems than the average person can typically imagine. Celebrities often find themselves sacrificing something in order to maintain stardom.

In rapper Future's case, it's true love.

The  Crushed Up musician visited Big Boy's radio show where he touched on a number of things including his love life and R. Kelly.

On December 4, Future shared an eyebrow-raising post that stated: "sacrifice true love to live a lifestyle I never could imagine... u only live once."

This came after the internet exploded with the latest installment of Future's baby mama drama.

At the time, Future was believed to be back with Britni Mealy when photos of him and Joie Chavis surfaced making it seem like they were in a loving relationship. To top things off, the hip-hop legend allegedly got another woman pregnant who claims he tried to get her killed.

When stopping by the radio show, Future was asked about his comments on giving up true love.

To clear things up, the artist does believe he can one day fall in love -- just not now.

"One day. It's just so hard right now with me and my career and my life. My career now is like, everyone have a motive, you know what I'm saying., I could pick a girl I want, I could pick a regular girl and be like I want to be with her [and] she already got a motive. That's like me reaching back. I'd be going back a step and you might be starting your career and my career done started so now everything that you do in your life automatically becomes 'I have to take care of it I have to do this' so it's just like 'Do I want that for my life?' you know what I mean?"

The father goes on to say that he's taking care of himself instead.


Hearing the way that he thinks may offer an explanation to some of why he lives his playboy lifestyle that includes courting multiple women at one time. What do you think about Future's revelation?

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