Future Takes Drastic Measures Against Baby Mama Eliza Reign Who Continues To Share Sweet Photos Of Daughter Reign Wilburn

Future Takes Drastic Measures Against Baby Mama Eliza Reign Who Continues To Share Sweet Photos Of Daughter Reign Wilburn
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Future has been dealing with a lot in recent weeks, as one of his baby mamas keeps popping up on social media and trying to interfere with his life.

Eliza Reign, (real name Eliza Seraphin), has made multiple accusations against Future, claiming that he was the father of her child, Reign Wilburn, but did not want to take any responsibility.

And while Future initially kept denying the accusations, it looks like the rapper has had enough at this point, as reports indicate that he is now going to take matters to court.

The motion has reportedly already been given a judge’s approval, and the first hearing is scheduled for November 8.

Future is reportedly also trying to get a gag order against the woman in question, although this will be decided at the hearing and there have been no comments on that aspect of the situation yet.

The rapper has pointed out that this is having quite the nasty impact on his reputation, and that is not far from the truth, judging by some of the responses that have been posted referencing the situation.

Still, it will take some time for the truth to come out and for the whole situation to clear up.

Meanwhile, Future has continued to insist that he is not the father of the baby, and he is likely going to go as far as he has to prove his side of the story. Hopefully, things work out for the innocent baby in the end.

One fan had this reaction: “Baby is so precious, but I always tell my children ( choose wisely when you start having kids because the drama is so real and it lasts for 18 years!)”

Another commenter shared: “The baby’s got his lips. I hope that you get your child support if he’s the father. And if he is and wants to see the baby, please let him. He takes care of his other kids, so he’ll probably help out with yours.”

This person revealed: “That’s right if it’s his baby he needs to step up. Smh to many of our living up to what they have always proclaimed. He needs to bring all 7 of his children together &be a Dad anyone can be a FATHER, but it takes a real man to be A DAD!”

A critic stated: “Why have a child for a man that won’t be in his child life... in the long run she will see how it damage her child, the child will grow up feeling like the other half that helps created her didn’t love her, I feel that way up to this day about my father I have never met and it’s probably best that I don’t know him, because in reign case if he is her father and choose not to be apart of it will hurt her more mentally... but theses women nowadays only thinking of now not later... sad..”

Future is determined to not all of this drama get the best of him.

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