Future Spotted With Lori Harvey, Despite Recent Diddy And Trey Songz Rumors -- Is Ciara's Ex Winning The Race?

Future Spotted With Lori Harvey, Despite Recent Diddy And Trey Songz Rumors -- Is Ciara's Ex Winning The Race?
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Things are far from clear on the romantic front around Future, Lori Harvey, Trey Songz, and Diddy.

Even though Harvey and Diddy were recently surrounded by heavy rumors indicating that they might be going out; this was recently shot down by reports that the model had been spotted together with Future.

Future left fans with their jaws dropped after sharing a photo of the model confirming that they are spending time together.

With that in mind, the true nature of the situation is far from clear, and many fans of all three stars involved have been actively speculating about the possible implications of what is going on.

All three have been maintaining a heavy air of secrecy around them in light of these revelations, and it is not at all clear what is happening at the moment.

While many fans have been prompting for more information, it looks like all three have decided to take the secretive approach as much as they could, and as a result, supporters have been hearing very little on this situation on the official front.

Could that change in the near future? It is hard to tell, but observers do know that Diddy, in particular, likes to maintain his privacy on topics that he does not enjoy discussing with the public.

The rapper has made that more than clear on multiple occasions in the past. With that in mind, it is entirely possible that he is going to remain quiet about the current developments until something more concrete has surfaced.

However, at this point, the rumors might be too uncontrollable even for Diddy himself, if he decided to address them on his own.

One fan said: "Give her the Heisman Trophy. She is running through the crew. #loriharvey. She’s the GOAT break his heart sis I’m ready for new music lol."

This social media user revealed: "Omg... really, who's next, lol. Slow down Girl 😒Until she gets pregnant, then he leaves and doesn't pay child support. She’s a way to pretty for this thottler behavior."

This person stated: "I don’t think she’s sleeping with all these men we’ve seen her with, and I think she’s teasing them and pulling their strings! Kim Kardashian did it- this is a business of mother’s SELLING their daughters to men that can afford them- SO SELL BIG LIVE BIG."

Harvey seems to be enjoying all of this attention.


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