Future Speaks On Ciara & Russel Wilson's Relationship And Says He's Controlled By Her

Future Speaks On Ciara & Russel Wilson's Relationship And Says He's Controlled By Her
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Future had a recent interview with Beats 1 on Freebandz radio, and he discussed his new album but also another subject that seems to be bothering him. The Shade Room comes with the freshest reports.

During the interview, 'Future not only discussed the new album but also spoke on his personal life including his past relationship with Ciara and he criticized Russell for being “controlled” by her,' TSR reported.

Future also said that Ciara introduced their child to Russell before he even allowed them to meet.

TSR writes that 'When he was asked what he thought about Ciara’s husband, Future replied, “He does exactly what she tells him to do,” according to @Complex.'

He reportedly continued and said that Russell should be a 'man' about this whole issue and forbid Ciara from even mentioning Future’s name in public.

'He not being a man in that position,' Future said. 'He not tellin' her, 'Chill out with that on the internet. Don't even talk to him. I'm your husband! You better not even bring Future's name up!'

Someone said in the comments section that 'Future is a controlling child. Ciara is a grown woman. Russell is a grown man. No man would ever tell me what I can or cannot do/who I can or cannot talk to. Why are you so obsessed with them? They are happy. You're just miserable.'

Another person claimed that Future is just using these two's names to promote his album: 'Now he has sumtin to promote he's going to use Russ and Ciara's name to promote it. Just like he releases music on their anniversary. Boy plz. You need to be a man.'

Last year in December, Future raised some eyebrows with one of his posts : 'sacrifice true love to live a lifestyle I never could imagine… u only live once.'

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