Future Slams His Alleged Baby Mama; Says She's Using Her Baby For Cash And Calls The Kid 'Check Baby'

Future Slams His Alleged Baby Mama; Says She's Using Her Baby For Cash And Calls The Kid 'Check Baby'
Credit: BET

As you probably expected, the whole drama between Future and his alleged baby mama, Eliza Reign goes on. Now, the rapper said that the woman is only using her baby for money, and people are shocked.

The Shade Room revealed that TMZ notes that according to legal documents, he reportedly claimed that Eliza referred to her daughter as 'check baby.'

More than that, it's been revealed that the rapper's attorney’s defined the term as 'slang terminology describing a child conceived solely for the purposes of extorting monies from the father of a child in the child support setting.'

TSR notes that 'In other words, he is reportedly claiming that she got pregnant only to get money out of him. In the documents, he also reportedly claims that one of her friends alleged in an interview that Eliza researched the amount of child support Future paid to the other mothers of his children.'

Not too long ago, it's been revealed that Eliza said who her biggest hater is .

Recently, Reign took to Instagram to express her allegedly hurt feelings by sharing a picture that read, 'Your biggest hater is never a stranger…it is your own baby daddy.'

People are not supportive of Future these days at all and they keep repeating that he should not have left all these women pregnant.

Someone said: 'Why else would she have a child with you,' and another follower posted this: 'Bruh just pay the child support and move along.'

One other follower said: 'Maybe stop having children with everyone dude,' and someone else posted: 'It’s not that hard to stop getting people pregnant though.'

A follower wrote: 'The primary reason why our elders said, “Get married first before starting families”' and another Instagrammer posted: 'Love the fact that all your baby mamas are using you for money, not Ciara though she is not your bm, that is Russel's child.'

How do you feel about all this mess?

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