Future Kisses Lori Harvey In A Lovey-Dovey Video -- Model Flaunts Her Curves In A Tiny Bathing Suit While On Vacation

Future Kisses Lori Harvey In A Lovey-Dovey Video -- Model Flaunts Her Curves In A Tiny Bathing Suit While On Vacation
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It seems that the romance between Future and Lori Harvey is heating up because they have finally decided to make it Instagram official.

The couple, who is on a romantic vacation in Jamaica, has decided to share a lovey-dovey video where the rapper plants a kiss on Lori's cheek. Fans are not convinced.

One person said: "She is acting like...no, what nvm...sometimes you gotta let a female fall on her own sword不不."

Another commenter stated: "Steve Harvey bout to take his last name back 不不不不 she can keep the other one."

The relationship between Future and Lori is still being questioned for its validity even though the two of them were rumored to be living together and have been seen in each other's company quite often, however many people are wondering if Steve Harvey's stepdaughter is still involved with Diddy.

The 23-year-old made a lot of headlines for herself, as, during the course of the last year, she was romantically linked to a couple of rappers before finally settling with Future.

The model was believed to have dated Trey Songz, Diddy's son, Justin Combs, and later, Diddy himself.

Because of the swirling rumors that Lori and Diddy had a fling, fans of the celebrities were very excited to find out that he celebrated the beginning of the year in the company of fellow colleagues, including Future.

The two alleged rivals spent the day with DJ Khaled and Meek Mill, whose lyrics of the song "Going Bad" attracted a lot of attention in the past because of the line, "got Lori Harvey on my wishlist."

It seems the group of popular rappers really enjoyed themselves as they had a lot of fun jet skiing, and during their joint activity, Diddy was spotted in the company of model Jordan Ozuna, who even rode in the back of the "I'll Be Missing You" performer's jet.

Meanwhile, Lori was active on social media as she shared a post that informed her fans she was staying at home because she was sick.

However, it appears that even sickness cannot affect the model's beauty because later during the day, she shared a photograph of herself in bed, showing off her underwear from "Balenciaga."

Will the new couple take things further?

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