Future Just Said He Cannot Settle Down With One Of His Six Baby Mamas Because The Rest Would Be Mad

Future Just Said He Cannot Settle Down With One Of His Six Baby Mamas Because The Rest Would Be Mad
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Future has been in the spotlight latest after he offered us his opinion on Ciara and Russel Wilson's relationship. He spoke about the subject in a recent interview, while also addressing the new album.

During the interview, The Shade Room reported that ‘Future not only discussed the new album but also spoke on his personal life including his past relationship with Ciara and he criticized Russell for being “controlled” by her.'

Anyway, TSR comes with other Future-related news.

'Earlier today he was a hot topic regarding the comments he made about Ciara and Russell Wilson, stating that Russell does whatever Cici tells him to do,' TSR wrote.

They continued and said that in a brand new interview Future made more provocative statements.

'In a sit down with @Hot97’s #NessaOnAir, Future spilled tea on why he won’t settle down with one of his baby muvas,' TSR writes. It seems that Future literally said that he can’t settle down with one of the 6 women he has kids with because the other ones would get upset. How crazy is that?

Someone was in shock to learn that Future has so many baby mamas: '6 baby mamas??? He needs to go to a shrink cuz he ain't right mentally to be continuing that reckless behavior. 😑'

Another follower posted this: 'He can’t settle because the one he wanted to settle with is no longer part of the equation.'

People highlighted the fact that he has only five baby mamas to choose from because Ciara is not an option: 'Minus one cuz Ciara don't want him at all,' someone said, and another commenter agreed: 'You only have 5 to choose from. Ciara is not an option boo! She's good luv enjoy.'

In 2018, Future  raised some eyebrows with one of his posts : ‘sacrifice true love to live a lifestyle I never could imagine… u only live once.’

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